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Hidden away in a corner for all the of Magickal world to see, Ancient Moon Shop started as a small corner shop in Nashua NH, where for years we served as the local go to for magikal supplies and knowledge. The moon phase was changing and so was our shop, new energy came in and we expanded past what we thought what we could be. Our triquetra is now complete with the re-opening of our new physical location in Deerfield NH where we offer our line of intention candles, altar supplies, and magickal experiences. Our energy and focus is stronger than ever with Lavendar Wolf Moon, High Priestess Michaela Adams, and our team ready to assist you with all your magickal needs.

                                                                                                                                                                   Blessed Be


                    For over 20 years our candles have been the constant in our journey as Ancient Moon.


     We offer two lines of handcrafted candles, both designed and made with recipes and directions for your magickal practice. 

    Our Intentions candles are designed to be used with your every day ritual practice and include Dragons Blood, Prosperity, Goddess, Healing, and Emotional Balance.


    Our Enchantment Candles are made with more specific magick in mind. Recipes designed and used by us, enhanced with stones, crystals, herbs, and oil blends for such things as Releasing Negativity, Fast Money, Will Power, Healing, Marriage, Baby Blessings and Celebration of Life.


      Each of our candles comes with instructions and suggestions for best results.


            We are excited to have the ability to host, physically and virtually, events and classes we like to call Magickal Experiences. These experiences will be based around the Wheel of the Year, Moon Phases, and sharing our knowledge. For a list of Magickal Experiences and upcoming events visit our

"In Shop Specials" page. 


        Your reading will tell the foundation and direction of your life.  We like to think of it as ‘The mirror of your soul.’  At the end of the reading, you can expect to have received information to help you resolve issues, gain insight, and most of all, find direction.  Intuitive Counseling, with Magical Solutions!


We offer the following forms of readings: 





Private House Parties

For more information, and bookings call Sherrilyn at


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