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Our popular ‘anytime needed’ ritual.  We all know that daily stress and responsibilities sometimes leave us rattled and feeling a little off balance.  Our homes should be the place that re-charges our spirit and helps us to reconnect to what is important to us.  If the energy on that sacred space is not aligned-we will find it hard to get into that peaceful space that we need.

Start with a quick handwash with our wonderful sage ritual. Our hands absorb energies all day-and cleansing away that energy is the first step to reclaiming your center.  Light the sage bundles-smudge the flame out and walk clockwise around your space to remove the negative energy that may have collected. 

The final step in centering and refreshing your spirit is our wonderfully scented Remove Negativity Intention Candle.  Light the candle and pair it with a meditation where you commit to releasing all that is not helpful-and welcoming fresh new energy.  The clear quartz crystal is a conduit for energy and protection.  Meditate with it in your left hand-or carry it daily.

With renewal comes possibility!

Cleansing and Clearing Ritual for Magical Living

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