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Take a magical respite to bring love and light into your spiritual being.   Prepare the crystals by placing them in a cup of spring water to cleanse them.  Leave them over night during the Full Moon.  The next day, remove the stones-but save now charged water.  Hold the crystals in your left hand, and infuse them with magical intentions for strength, longevity, peace, and happiness.  As you fill your tub, and the wonderful aromatic bath bombs with the essences of orange and lavender.  Place the crystals in the cotton bag.  Add them along with the cup of charged spring water to the bath water.  Light the candle.  As you participate in this wonderful water ritual focus and meditate on encouragement, love, lightness of spirit and encouragement.  Feel the energy shift and prepare yourself for the fresh new path ahead. Carry the stones in the mojo bag and wear the carnelian when you feel the need to refresh your spiritual being and aura.


Magical Mini…A Ritual to Uplift your Spirit

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