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On September 23, we experience the second Equinox in 2019.  This is an important time for those living a magical life.  On this Sabbat, day & night / dark & light are equal in length.  During this time, balance is created around the world.

As an Intuitive we are aware of the relevance of this time.  As we go through our daily activities, we become magnets to a variety of energies.  Some energy revitalizes us, while other can distract us from the business of living our best life, as well as the ability to perform at our best.

The Equinox Cleansing Kit includes all the product you need to perform this important ritual including: Frankincense and Myrrh resin, incense burner with sand, screen, and charcoal. seas salt, bell, our hand-crafted Cleansing Candle, sage bundle and more!  As with all of our kits, complete instructions are included.

Ritual Cleansing

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