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The film is a sequel to Haasan's earlier film, Vedalam (1997) and is the third and final collaboration between Haasan and Ravikumar, following their 2005 film, Pithamagan and 2004's Raja Rani. The film released on 7 June 2008 to positive reviews from critics and emerged as a blockbuster at the box office. Plot In a war-torn future, mankind is all but extinct as a result of the civil war between the Malthusians and the Randian. The time has come for the planned supreme state to finally begin. After conquering all of Earth, the Malthusians take over Rand's latest super weapon, the Galactica, and destroy the planet. The last of the Randians is stowed away in the hibernation unit of the deserted spacecraft. Meanwhile, in the present day, on Earth, two scientists, Dr. Bhaskar and Dr. Ashok, arrive at a dark and dangerous area of the Himalayas for their experiment. After their vehicle crashes into a cave, the two scientists are attacked by a rogue scientist, Dr. Nirmala. After a brief scuffle, Ashok manages to kill Dr. Nirmala, but is fatally wounded in the process. Dr. Ashok is then rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is operated upon by a group of nurses, led by Dr. Kanika. As Dr. Ashok's condition worsens, the nurses tell Kanika that they want to take his body to the country, but Dr. Bhaskar objects to this, and forbids the nurses from doing so. As a result of the nurses' protests, the group is fired, and they subsequently leave with Dr. Ashok's body. Meanwhile, Dr. Bhaskar, who is also at the hospital, is informed of Dr. Ashok's demise and it is immediately presumed that Ashok was a threat to the Malthusians. Back at the scientists' lab, Dr. Bhaskar begins to perform experiments on Dr. Ashok's brain and attempts to revive him. During his attempts, Bhaskar begins to think that perhaps he could find a way to revive Ashok. In the meantime, Dr. Kanika arrives at the hospital and informs Dr. Bhaskar that Ashok's brain is a complete mess, and that his body is even more screwed up than his brain. Dr. Bhaskar insists that he revive




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Dashavatar Tamil Movies addzoha

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